Monday, March 2, 2009

I Hate All Your Show

I was catching up on my feeds, when I came across this post over at the Holy Heteroclite, which is a re-post of part of a post elsewhere, which I will in turn partially reproduce here. It's a list of vocabulary that doesn't mean what it used to:
churchbuilding, organizationgathering of friends
worshipreligious concert & lecturea life poured out, as a sacrifice
savedguilt free passsalvaged and put back to hard work
truthproposition, world viewa person--Jesus
christianreligious conservativeone who loves & suffers like Jesus
preachreligious lectureannounce on the street
ministryprofessional religious programserving like a slave
apostlespiritual superstarexpendable messenger
prophetdead, lacking diplomacylistens to God
pastorreligious CEOsmelly sheep tender
lovefeeling or moodsacrificial, tender care acted out
Too often a very accurate list, that I have seen in action.

Additionally, in following some links, I rediscovered Jon Foreman's song, "I Hate All Your Show" - there's a post with lyrics and a video elsewhere, I won't repeat it here. But it is an excellent song - check it out and ponder it.

I know constantly and exclusively saying what's wrong with the church and Christians isn't the way to fix things, and is easy to do. But whatever my faith ends up looking like, it will hopefully be one of doing, being, and relationships. And, most difficult for someone with pride issues like me, humility and subservience. We'll see how that goes.